What the world has waited for

From the wheel to the x-rays, from penicillin to flushing toilets – brilliant inventors have made discoveries that have improved our lives and changed mankind. But the last chapter of history has not been written yet and so class 10c made up its mind to line up with Einstein, Röntgen, Fleming and other famous inventors.

Set within the topic “Science & Technology” (English curriculum, class 10), all students were asked to create a life-changing product or gadget that humans would benefit from. Considering major problems, conflicts or drawbacks in our society, the students were supposed to provide an answer to the question of what we really needed to make the world a better place.
Among the most noticeable inventions were:

-        100% sustainable and organic water-filtering bottle cap called “Aquafil1” by Paul Jokschus to provide access to clean drinking water for

-        the organ breeder “OB1” by Aron Knöfler and David Gliege to solve the problem of too few organ donations worldwide

-        a universal cancer capsule “occidere capsulitis” by Oscar Möckel to cure all forms of cancer within weeks

-        a smart fridge by Julia Gersten that scans all best before dates and automatically warns/reminds us of forgotten food in the fridge, thus
          avoiding food waste

-        a special detergent “Wonderpearl – make it taller, make it smaller” by Julie Henschler that adapts the size of clothes to changes in a person’s
          physique in just one wash cycle

We can only hope that some of these creative students might embark on a future career as engineers and scientists.

Rosalie Schiller, English teacher

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