Music in the Classroom

Class 7b was asked to present their favourite songs in English. The task was to give some background information on the singer, band or group and to motivate all classmates with a song-related activity.

There were some chart songs like "Be Alright" by Dean Lewis or "Titanium" by David Guetta but apart from these famous hits, we could also listen to less popular songs like "Black & White" by Juice World. The tasks that the students gave to the class varied a lot: we had to think about what the song "LGBTQIA" could be about, we were asked to draw pictures for "Spring Day" by BTS or had to fill in gaps, answer questions or watch for certain aspects in music videos.
Even though every presentation had its special appeal, the most interesting song seemed to be "Ocean Eyes" by Billie Eilish since the students really wanted to get to know even more songs by this singer.

After all the fun, the task resulted in very good grades. So our class is probably looking forward to such a wonderful project again. It made English lessons exciting and entertaining.

Joelle Forbrig
class 7b

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