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Our school is one of the Cambridge test centres for young learners of English and tests students from classes five according to level A2 of the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). These young learners tests introduce our students to everyday written and spoken English and are an excellent way for them to improve their English. Thus, we were able to welcome 19 motivated fifth-graders on Saturday, June 10th for the official Cambridge Flyers Test that was conducted by examiner Mr. Steven Powlesland. Despite our pupils' excitement and an increasing tension prior to the speaking part of the exam, Mr. Powlesland guided our students in a very calm and professional way through all sections of the test: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Some students left the exam room smiling whereas others were still pondering about missing vocabulary that they could not come up with during their talk with the examiner. It will be exciting to receive the test scores at the start of the upcoming school year.

In conclusion, the examiner was full of praise for our students' speaking skills and overall performances ("these kids are lovely") while we supervising teachers were pleased with their overall discipline and grit.

Thanks to Mr. Powlesland and Ms. Langheinrich.

Rosalie Schiller

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