Sprachenfest 2015

Christoph-Graupner- Gymnasium – portal to other continents

Escaping the daily routine of every student’s school life, on Monday, September 21st , our school celebrated the “festival of languages”.

The day started with all students standing in front of the school in our logo - CGG. Each student was given a balloon which was then released after our headmaster’s speech. That is how 730 balloons flew over Kirchberg on Monday, September 21st, in case any of you were wondering.

Every student had the chance to look inside various cultures worldwide. For example, audience members got the feeling of living in Hollywood when theatre groups presented their plays “Lipgloss”, “The dark night and the white witch” and “Tintenblut”.

Not only did teachers and students find out more about numerous languages, but they also had a deeper look into daily lives of Americans, Australians, Russians, Chinese …

Those who were craving American food could eat hot dogs, others longing for a good old Russian tea were taken care of as well.

In contrast to the modern languages, life in Rome and mystical letters of runes were introduced to the students.

Grades 5 – 7 also attended the class quiz moderated by Felix Heinrich and Philipp Müller. This year the experts of each class were challenged with tough questions surrounding the topic “languages”.

Not only did teachers give a better insight into international life but also creative students of all grades contributed to the feeling of living abroad.

Thanks to all of you.

Ms Martin’s tutor class 11